100% Rye Bread


Being a traditional artisan bakery our breads are tasty, authentic and healthier. Baked using high quality fresh ingredients our rye breads are a perfect for your mornings breakfast, and healthy diet.

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Rye bread, our bakery bread , The five-phase method of running a cycle. rye flour, with a dominance of the firstly mentioned flour in the values of 100%. Plus salt and yeast. rye bread can be made from a few simple ingredients, but sometimes the simpler the better. Try it today and get to know the real taste of authentic Polish bread.

An additional advantage of our bakery is the oven, it has stone herts, i.e. bread is baked directly on stone slabs. This increases the value of the crunchy top and bottom skin.

Additional information:

Weight: 850g Production cycle: 16h Baking method: stone plate

Friendly to vegans and vegetarians

Exact ingredients:

Rye flour type 720

Yeast Water


All our loaves of bread are made of real bakery sourdough. Our sourdough is over 15 years old. We conscientiously process our sourdough every three hours, every day, seven days a week, from the very beginning until now.

The artisan bakery is a real Polish artisanal bakery. Quality and freshness are our core values, which is why we deliver products only on the same day as the production day.


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