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Polish Artisan Bakery understands that breads, cakes, and pastries are more than just-food. It's a taste and smell that takes you back to the good times. A recipe passed on by generations, enjoyed with loves ones during celebrations and times of joy. Try our handmade breads, cakes and pastries and let Polish traditional delicacies win your heart. Search through our site and find your next delicacy.

Polish Artisan Bakery has over 20 year's worth of experience in providing high-quality baked goods using artisan baking techniques. With highly skilled bakers and friendly customer service ordering from us is simple and efficient.

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The key component of baking the perfect artisan bread is the dough. We take huge pride and care in kneading and preparing our dough making the final product tastier.


Prepare the flower with blends of spices.


Bake the bread to perfection, creating the artisan quality


Knead the doug thoroughly with some love


Keep the doug stored to allowing it to rise.

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